MasterBrace ADH 1420 (formerly: Concresive 1420) is epoxy based, solvent free, moisture tolerant, flowable adhesive with two components for bonding freshly mixed and hardened concrete.

MasterBrace ADH 1420 Fields of Application

  • Bonding freshly mixed concrete and hardened concrete,
  • Corrosion protection of reinforcement in structural repairs,
  • Priming the concrete substrates under repair mortars,
  • Bonding various building materials to each other, concrete, stone, metals etc.,
  • Chemical anchoring.

MasterBrace ADH 1420 Features and Benefits

  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or directly pouring.
  • Perfect adhesion between the freshly mixed and hardened concrete.
  • Provides a corrosion protection barrier on the reinforcement.

Direct contact

Korkut Bozkurt

Segment Sales Manager BASF

+90 216 570 3620


MasterBrace® ADH 1420

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MasterBrace® ADH 1420(Formerly known as Concresive® 1420)

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