Why choose MasterTile?

The MasterTile product family under the Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF is a group of high quality, versatile cementitious, epoxy and dispersion-based tile fixing systems that are engineered (or designed) for fixing ceramic tile and natural stone in a diverse range of sectors.

What makes MasterTile a unique solution?

 The MasterTile system of products is a flexible and effective solution that addresses and overcomes the specific problems associated with ceramic tiles and natural stone installation. The MasterTile system of products minimises the water exposure of natural stones and agglomerates tiles from the screed, adhesive & grout, to avoid curling, discoloration and efflorescence. At the same time, the system provides an excellent bond between substrate and tile along with a screed system that is highly impact resistant, ensuring no cracking in the installation.

The MasterTile system maintains the original brilliance of the ceramic tile or natural stone.

A reliable partner for your tiling needs.

Our technical support services takes into consideration the entire life cycle of the product to accurately diagnose the best quality, most durable, sustainable and cost-effective tile fixing solution. Our MasterTile product systems are designed to match the specific needs of each customer, application and sector, where speed of application and fast return to service are essential.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

MasterTile Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

MasterTile® 14 (Formerly known as Seryap Harcı® 132)

     Cement Based Ceramic and Marble Adhesive (Coarse Gradiation)

MasterTile® 15 (Formerly known as Seryap Harcı® 130)

     Cement Based Ceramic and Tile Adhesive (Fine Gradiation)

MasterTile® 700 (Formerly known as Epofuga®)

     Epoxy Based, Two Part, Grouting Filling and Ceramic Adhesive Resistant to Chemicals and Bacteria

MasterTile® FLX 20 RC (Formerly known as Polyflott® Rapid)

     Cement Based Easily Flowing and Set Retarding Flexible Adhesive for Natural Stone, Ceramic, Granite and Marble

MasterTile® FLX 22

     Cement Based, High Performance, Granite, Marbel and Ceramic Adhesive

MasterTile® FLX 24 (Formerly known as Fleksmörtel®)

     Cement Based Polymer Modified Flexible and High Performance Ceramic and Granite Adhesive

MasterTile® FLX 29 (Formerly known as Ultrafleks®)

     Special Cement Based Polymer Modified Flexible Quick High Strength and High Performance Ceramic, Granite and Natural Stone Adhesive

MasterTile® FLX 555 (Formerly known as Fleksfuga®)

     Cement Based Flexible Grouting for Ceramics and Tiles

MasterTile® JF 560 (Formerly known as Durafug® NT)

     Cement Based Grouting With High Mechanical and Chemical Resistance for Surfaces Under Intensive Traffic

MasterTile® JF 565 (Formerly known as Durafug® HF)

     Cement Based Grouting with High Resistance Especially Designed for Swimming Pools

MasterTile® NTS 26 (Formerly known as Karrament®)

     Cement Based Polymer Modified Thick Bed Natural Stone Adhesive

MasterTile® NTS 27 (Formerly known as Karrafle®)

     Cement Based Polymer Modified Flexible, Thin Bed Natural Stone Adhesive

MasterTile® NTS 570 (Formerly known as Karrafug®)

     Cement Based Special Joint Grout for Natural Stone Tiles

MasterTile® P 300 (Formerly known as Astar® A)

     Copolymer Acrylic Based Condition Improving Primer

MasterTile® P 300 RC

     Fast Curing, Copolymer Acrylic Based Condition Improving Primer for Cementitious and Gypsum-Based Substrates

MasterTile® P 302 (Formerly known as Gisopakt®)

     Polymer Modified Resin Based Gypsum Plaster Primer for Smooth Concrete, Walls and Ceilings Surfaces

MasterTile® P 303 (Formerly known as Astar® 303)

     Modified Acrylic Dispersion Based Smooth and Non-Absorbent Surface Primer

MasterTile® PAS 101 (Formerly known as Bikolit®)

     Dispersion Based High Performance Ready-to-Use Ceramic Adhesive for Absorbent Surfaces

MasterTile® SL 535 (Formerly known as Mastertop® 535)

     Cement Based, Self Levelling Flooring Screed

MasterTile® WP 620 (Formerly known as Masterflex® PB 120)

     Special Designed Polyester Fabric Reinforced Thermoplastic Elastomer Waterproofing Tape for Construction Joints, Corners and Perimeter Joints

MasterTile® WP 630 (Formerly known as Masterflex® WT 120)

     Thermoplastic Elastomer Waterproofing Tape for Construction Joints, Corners and Perimeter Joints

MasterTile 700

MasterTile FLX 20 RP

MasterTile FLX 22

MasterTile FLX 24

MasterTile FLX 29

MasterTile FLX 555

MasterTile JF 560

MasterTile JF 565

MasterTile NTS 26

MasterTile NTS 570

MasterTile PAS 101

MasterTile WP 666